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NECSI offers courses on working with chaos and complexity - in the global economy, in national markets, in business to business interactions and within the organization itself. Participants use new insights and concepts from the field of complex systems to discuss innovative ways to survive and thrive in today's new/old economy.

NECSI also offers educational seminars for corporations. These include programs ranging from 1/2 day seminars to 1 week project-based programs. Specially tailored for corporate audiences, these interactive seminars cover both fundamental ideas and concrete applications. For more information, click on "Corporate Seminars" above.

Complex systems concepts help in facing many of the dynamic challenges of modern life. Fundamental concepts and methods of complex systems are widely applicable to a general understanding of complex system behavior, as well as the detailed modeling and design of specific complex systems. Examples include human social and economic systems, engineered, and biomedical systems -- ourselves, groups or institutions we are part of, and the systems we are trying to build, design or influence. Applications include the management of a corporation, the management of networks within and outside a corporation, and the development of products or services.

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