NECSI Short Courses

Nonlinear Dynamics and Spatial Patterns


Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics & Spatial Pattern Formation

Dates: April 5 – 6, 2014

Location: Cambridge, MA

Instructor: Hiroki Sayama, NECSI Affiliate

Course Description:

Understanding complex systems often requires mathematical analysis of dynamics and the origins of spontaneous patterns. This two-day course offers an introduction to the key concepts of, and the necessary skills for, describing and examining the dynamics of complex systems using mathematical tools. The course will include both continuous-time/space models based on ordinary and partial differential equations, and discrete-time lattice models. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how dynamical behaviors and spatial patterns appear in complex systems. They will leave with the ability to apply mathematical modeling and analysis to a wide range of practical problems.

Hands-on exercises of mathematical modeling and analysis are an integral part of the course.


Students should have basic knowledge of calculus, differential equations and linear algebra.


Tuition is $475. Click here to register.



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