The New England Complex Systems Institute

The Fifth International Conference on Complex Systems

Proceedings of the
Fifth International Conference on
Complex Systems

May 16-21, 2004 in Boston, MA     Editors Ali Minai, Yaneer Bar-Yam


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    Pedagogical Sessions Emergence Evolution Social Systems Engineering and Innovation Systems Biology
Evening Reception Networks Social Systems Special Session Collectives
Robots Networks Healthcare Engineering Systems
Social Systems Evolution and Ecology Origins Networks and Systems Biology
Concepts Systems Biology Systems Biology Oceanography
Evolution and Ecology Concepts Social Systems II Social Systems
Learning Social Systems II Engineering Systems Systems Biology
Networks II Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation Agents
Physical Systems Learning Evolution and Ecology Engineering Systems II
Posters Evolution and Ecology II Physical Systems Social Systems II
Banquet Session



Pedagogical Sessions
   Chair: Eve Mitleton-Kelly and Uri Wilensky

An Integrated Methodology to Facilitate The Emergence of New Ways of Organising
  Eve Mitleton-Kelly      Abstract    Paper #659

Studying discrete dynamical networks with DDLab
  Andrew Wuensche      Abstract #784

Modeling complex systems
  Uri Wilensky      

From physics to medicine
  John Peter Wikswo      

Entropy and information
  Lev Levitin      

Modeling complex systems
  Uri Wilensky      

  Greg Chaitin      

History of social modeling
  Philip Ball      

Urban space syntax
  Bill Hillier      

New science
  Stephen Wolfram      

Evening Reception
   Chair: Stephen Heuser and Tom Siegfried

The Future
  Alvin and Heidi Toffler      


   Chair: John Sterman

  John Sterman      

  Steven Strogatz      

Inflationary universe
  Alan Guth      

   Chair: Irving Epstein

  Irving Epstein      

Networks and Liquid Water
  Gene Stanley      

Neural networks in vision
  Leon Cooper      

Food Webs
  Neo Martinez      

Complex networks
  Ricard Sole      

   Chair: Ali Minai

Evolving Swarm-Bots
  Stefano Nolfi      

Self-Reconfigurable Robots and Digital Hormones
  Wei-Min Shen      Abstract    Paper #726

Social Systems
   Chair: Roger Hurwitz

Computing the Battle for Hearts and MInds: Lessons from the Vendee
  Roger Hurwitz      Abstract    Paper #416

A Dynamic Model of Inter-Firm Competition
  Duncan A. Robertson      Abstract    Paper #94

An application of percolation theory on political science
  Kazuyuki Ikko Takahashi      Abstract    Paper #293

Market Partitioning Under Varying Resource Landscapes
  Cesar E. Garcia-Diaz      Abstract    Paper #205

Revolution By Osmosis: A Case Study Of West Florida, Texas, California And Hawaii
  Christopher Newman      Abstract #162

System dynamics approach to evolution and process of corporate political action
  Makinen Saku, Skippari Mika, Lamberg, Juha-Antti      Abstract #387

A Self-Organizing Neural System For Urban Design
  Brian Lonsway, Ajith Mulky Rao      Abstract    Paper #243

Mathematical models of stochastic level that may be used within the complex system of ferry-boat sea navigation
  SORIN BAICULESCU      Abstract    Paper #110

Organized All the Way Down: The Local Complexity of "Thick" Social Systems
  David Sylvan      Abstract    Paper #407

A model of communications as random walk on the semantic tree
  Vladislav Kovchegov      Abstract    Paper #122

Modelling the Enterprise and its Actors as Triply-Articulated Anticipatory Systems
  B. Cohen, P. Boxer      Abstract    Paper #283

Validation And Verification Of Money Market Forecasting With A Non-linear Method (USD VS IDR Currency Case)
  Dadang Subarna      Abstract #530

Evolutionary Dynamics of Knowledge
  Carlos Parra, Masakazu Yano      Abstract    Paper #589

Network Externalities in Corporate Financial Management
  Andreas Kemper      Abstract    Paper #203

Economic Geography and Rational Expectations
  Pascal MOSSAY      Abstract    Paper #582

   Chair: Cefn Hoile

Self-Modeling Networks
  Daniel Joshua Steinbock, Marko Antonio Rodriguez      Abstract #425

A conceptual framework for mechanisms of self-organization
  Elizaveta Pachepsky, Bernardo R. Broitman      Abstract #408

Information Planes for Complex Systems
  J.S. Dehesa, E. Romera, R.J. Yañez      Abstract    Paper #483

Using SIMP, a Laboratory for Cellular Automata and Lattice-Gas Experiments
  Ted Bach, Tommaso Toffoli      Abstract    Paper #187

Archetypal Dynamical Systems
  William Sulis      Abstract #232

Is Artificial "Systems" Research Possible?
  Len Troncale      Abstract #360

Metrics for sets of more than two points
  David H. Wolpert      Abstract    Paper #223

Self-dissimilarity as a high dimensional complexity measure
  David H. Wolpert, William Macready      Abstract    Paper #226

Linearly time-dependent information on invariant set
  Hideshi ISHIDA, Hideo KIMOTO      Abstract    Paper #100

NetLogo: A Simple Environment for Modeling Complexity
  Seth Tisue      Abstract    Paper #461

An ANC Analytical Payoff Function for 3-Agent-Multistage-Network-Games with Endogenous Coalitions and Communication Structures
  Ricardo Nieva      Abstract    Paper #376

Evolution and Ecology
   Chair: Hiroki Syama

Self-Protection and Diversity in Self-Replicating Cellular Automata
  Hiroki Sayama      Abstract #136

Simulated niche partitioning by bacteria
  Steven S. Andrews, Adam P. Arkin      Abstract    Paper #351

Rumors on Complex Attractors
  ariel cintron-arias, Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Abdul-Aziz Yakubu      Abstract #443

Predictive Modelling for Fisheries Management in the Colombian Amazon
  Jacob Beal, Sara Bennett      Abstract    Paper #208

Complexities of River Basin Management, The Case of the Pitimbu River in Brazil.
  Donna K. Fisher, Paulo Rower      Abstract #184

Trophic structure of the fish communities in the Kyoga Basin lakes (East Africa) based on stable Nitogen and Carbon isotopes.
  Mbabazi Dismas, Mbabazi Dismas, Ogutu-Ohwayo Richard, Hecky E. Robert      Abstract #452

A new model for exploring emergent phenomena in spatially explicit ecology and evolution
  Guy Hoelzer, Lael Parrott      Abstract #397

An approach to holistic ecological risk assessment: Food web responses to a warmed climate as a case study
  Yun Zhou, Ulrich Brose, William Kastenberg, Neo Martinez      Abstract    Paper #422

Bifurcation Study of Self-Oscillatory and Chaos Regimes in Predator-Prey Systems.
  Tolibjon E. Buriyev, Vafokul Ergashev      Abstract #86

A new type of models for managed ecosystems
  Michael Hauhs, Holger Lange      Abstract #536

The Simplicity of Metazoan Cell Lineages
  Ricardo Azevedo      Abstract #616

Spatio-temporal Dynamics in the Origin of Genetic Information
  Pan-Jun Kim, Hawoong Jeong      Abstract #519

  Jose Wagner Garcia, Jorge de Barros Pires, Jorge Vieira, Lauro F. B. da Silveira, Fernando Pellon de Miranda      Abstract #571

Animal foraging and the evolution of goal-directed cognition
  Thomas Hills      Abstract    Paper #783

   Chair: Ali Minai

Teaching Complex Systems in the Classroom with Video Games
  Brock Dubbels      Abstract #246

Hands-on modeling and simulation of systems concepts
  Oren Zuckerman, Mitchel Resnick      Abstract    Paper #384

Activity patterns in the brain: breaking up the problem into pieces
  Arno Klein, Dr. Joy Hirsch      Abstract #268

Neuro-fuzzy modeling of human fatigue
  Yue Jiao, E. Stanley Lee      Abstract #327

Controlling Chaos in the Brain and Structure of Music Tonality
  Igor Yevin      Abstract #69

The Emergence of Collective Cognition in Social Systems
  Pietro Panzarasa      Abstract #347

Environmental Complexity Influences Visual Acuity In Cichlid Fishes
  Adam Dobberfuhl, Jeremy Ullman, Jessica Hunter, Elizabeth Higgins, Maggie Allan      Abstract #411

Cognitive Illusions and the Evolution of Science
  Burton Voorhees      Abstract #108

The Economics of Cognition. I. Algorithmic Information-Theoretic Explanation of Cognitive Biases and Fallacies
  Mihnea Moldoveanu      Abstract #138

The Economics of Cognition II. Fundamental Cognitive Choices that Shape Adaptation to Complexity
  Mihnea Moldoveanu      Abstract #139

The use of fractal dimension calculation algorithm to determine the nature of autobiography memoirs.
  Olga Mitina, Veronica Nurkova      Abstract    Paper #132

Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Emergent order and the internal regulation of shared symbolic systems
  Michael D. Fischer      Abstract #319

Complex Systems Analysis on the Semantic Web
  Jennifer Golbeck, James Hendler      Abstract #210

Networks II

2-Peak and 3-Peak Optimal Complex Networks
  Andre X. C. N. Valente, Abhijit Sarkar, Howard A. Stone      Abstract #153

Network dimension and the topology of life
  Joao Rodrigues      Abstract #175

Rumor-like information dissemination in complex computer networks
  Maziar Nekovee, Yamir Moreno      Abstract    Paper #193

Studies in correlation based financial networks
  Jukka-Pekka Onnela      Abstract    Paper #236

Comparing the dynamics of stomatal networks to the problem-solving dynamics of cellular computers
  Jevin West, Susanna Messinger, David Peak, Keith Mott      Abstract    Paper #349

Genetically Modified Network Topologies
  Nathan Eagle, Leon Danon, Derek Cummings      Abstract    Paper #478

Interaction networks of agents that exploit resources
  Markus Brede, Rich Little      Abstract #151

Avalanche dynamics on complex networks
  Byungnam Kahng, Deok-Sun Lee, K.-I. Goh, Doochul Kim      Abstract #518

Phase Transitions if Random Graphical Dynamical Systems
  Irina Trofiomova, William Sulis      Abstract #233

Extremely clustered network
  Yong-Yeol Ahn, Hawoong Jeong      Abstract #524

Theory of Aces: Fame by chance or merit?
  M.V. Simkin, V.P. Roychowdhury      Abstract #774

Physical Systems

A Robust Game of Life
  Thomas Portegys, Janet Wiles      Abstract    Paper #356

Fractal Statistics Of Oscillatory Zoning Patterns In Calcite: A Qualitative And Quantitative Comparison Of Modeled Zoning Patterns
  Natalia A. Bryksina, Norman M. Halden, Sergio Mejia      Abstract    Paper #106

"Russian Troika" as the New Spatio-Temporal Paradigm
  Alexander Levichev      Abstract    Paper #114

Fire Safety on Flame Spreading Over Liquid Fuels
  Eugenio Degroote, Pedro Luis García Ybarra      Abstract    Paper #161

Capilllary rise and fluid-solid contact angle in Lattice Boltzmann simulations
  Mika Latva-Kokko, Dan Rothman      Abstract #142

Physical basis of the self-organization at critically concept
  S. Popescu, E. Lozneanu, M. Sanduloviciu      Abstract #177

1/f^a Random Fields, Scaling Properties and Local Averages
  Hai Lin      Abstract #383

Short Time Quantum Revivals in Chaotic Quantum Systems.
  Konstantin L Kouptsov      Abstract #517

Level Statistics of Complex Systems
  PRAGYA SHUKLA      Abstract    Paper #504

Spatial self-organization in interacting particle systems with cyclic local dynamics
  Yongtao Guan, Steve Krone      Abstract #577


Features Of Equilibrium Thermodynamics Complex Systems With Chaos Of Chemical Constitutions And Allocation Of Organic Matter In The Universe
  Dolomatov M. Yu.      Abstract #117

The effect of minus ends on the microtubule steady state
  Mitra Shojania, William Spillman      Abstract    Paper #131

Complex Dynamics of the Cardiac Rhythms
  Simonetta Filippi, Christian Cherubini      Abstract    Paper #188

Emergence of Genome: Generalization and Use of Environmental Information by Cell
  Val Bykoski      Abstract #219

Fluorescence Imaging For Complex Dynamic Interactions Of Organelles In Living Cells

Systems Pathology as Systems Biology
  Len Troncale      Abstract #359

Modeling pleiotropic genetic systems in mice
  Renhua Li, Shirng-WernTsaih, Cheryl Ackert-Bicknell, Ron Korstanje, Michal Mrug      Abstract #782

Computational study on mechanical properties of self-assembled peptide filaments
  Jiyong Park, Wonmuk Hwang, Shuguang Zhang, Roger D. Kamm, Byungnam Kahng      Abstract #797

Modeling combinatorial complexity of signal transduction systems
  Michael L. Blinov, James R. Faeder, William S. Hlavacek      Abstract #803

From Bibliometrics to Webometrics: A Case Study
  Atin Das, Gottfried Mayer-Kress, Carlos Gershenson, Pritha Das, Mason A. Porter      Abstract #192

Classification of Biological Networks Via Walks and Words
  Manuel Middendorf, Etay Ziv, Chris Wiggins      Abstract #404

Random graphs with clustering and arbitrary degree distribution
  Erik Volz      Abstract #647

Inter-hierarchic resonance in complex systems: search of anti-resonance situation.
  David Saakian      Abstract    Paper #75

The inhomogeneous product-potential social systems
  Vladislav Kovchegov      Abstract    Paper #84

Power Law Phenomena In Organizations:
  Pierpaolo Andriani, Bill McKelvey      Abstract #118

The dynamic of product potential social systems and representation theory
  Vladislav Kovchegov      Abstract    Paper #119

What Does Composite Index Of NYSE Represent In The Long Run?
  Atin Das      Abstract #124

Evolution of Organizational Rationality in Social Complexity: Interorganizational Networks in Environmental Biotechnology Industry
  Hyung Sam Park      Abstract #171

Integrated Model of Emergency Evacuation of People after a Big Earthquake at the Busy Quarter near a Major Junction Station in Suburban Tokyo
  Hiroyuki Masuda, Takeshi Arai, Kotaro Nomura, Takashi Hasegawa, Yasuhiro Tsutsui      Abstract #231

Simulating Agent Intelligence As Local Network Dynamics And Emergent Organizational Outcomes
  James K. Hazy, Brian F. Tivnan      Abstract #364

Evolution of Money Distribution in a Simple Economic Model
  Xiang San Liang, Thomas J. Carter      Abstract    Paper #417

To the wave nature of the economy cycle
  Dmitry Chistilin      Abstract #465

The Complex Economics of Innovation, -Implications for the Shipping Industry
  Ingar Malmgren      Abstract    Paper #477

The Building-Block Advantage
  Marcia Esteves Agostinho      Abstract #528

An Essay on SFEcon’s ‘Perfect Markets Model’
  Paul Lang      Abstract #580

Stochastic modeling of citation slips
  M.V. Simkin, V.P. Roychowdhury      Abstract #835

Modelling diffusion of innovation using Cellular Neural Network approach
  Francesca Conti, Pierpaolo Andriani, Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca, Giuseppina Passiante      Abstract    Paper #792

A Model of Biological Attacks on a Realistic Population
  Kathleen M. Carley, Douglas Fridsma, Elizabeth Casman, Alex Yahja, Li-Chiou Chen      Abstract    Paper #369

Evolutionary Dynamics of Knowledge
  Carlos Parra, Masakazu Yano      Abstract    Paper #589

Hybrid Complex Adaptive Engineered Systems: A Case Study in Defence
  Alex J. Ryan, Anne-Marie Grisogono      Abstract    Paper #173

Cellular Automata + GMDH = Emergent Programming: A New Methodology for Hardware Intelligence
  Mark S. Voss      Abstract #196

The Linguistic Models Of Industrial And Insurance Companies
  Vladislav Kovchegov      Abstract    Paper #306

Human-Technology Integration
  Katharine Mullen      Abstract    Paper #340

Self-Organized Scheduling of Node Activity in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
  Sumathi Seetharaman, Ali A. Minai      Abstract    Paper #409

Artificial Neural NetworkBased Offline Hand written character recognition for Postal Services
  Kampan Saini, kampan saini, shailendra Singh      Abstract #522

Statistical Modeling of Creep Strength of Austenitic Stainless Steels
  Reza Mehrabani      Abstract #544

Statistical Modeling of Austenite Formation in Steels
  Reza Mehrabani      Abstract #555

A Framework for Security Model Innovation using Knowledge Engineering
  Gustavo A. Santana Torrellas      Abstract #644

Exact error threshold for Eigen model with general fitness and degradation rate functions.
  David Saakian      Abstract #587

Coupling sexual reproduction and complex multicellularity
  Margareta Segerstahl      Abstract    Paper #199

Using Systems Isomorphies to Explore the Feasibility of Giant Planet, Wetlab, Origins of Life Simulations
  Len Troncale      Abstract #845

Emergence of Cellular Automata Rules Through Fluctuation Enhancement
  Burton Voorhees      Abstract #148

Regime shifts or red noise?
  Chih-hao Hsieh, Andrew Lucas, Sarah Glaser, George Sugihara      Abstract #810

Vortex Analogue of Molecules
  Bharat Khushalani      Abstract    Paper #109

Imaginary Mass, Force, Acceleration, And Momentum
  Jonathan Vos Post, Professor Christine M. Carmichael, Andrew Carmichael Post      Abstract    Paper #211

Slow relaxations of randomly packed ball bearings
  Jongjin Lee, Chang Won Lee, Insuk Yu      Abstract    Paper #307

Glassy dynamics hindering synchronization in a Hamiltonian system
  Alessandro Pluchino, Vito Latora, Andrea Rapisarda      Abstract #627

The Economics of Cognition. III. A Weak Axiom of Revealed Cognitive Preference
  Mihnea Moldoveanu      Abstract #140

An Analysis Of The Complexity Of The System Everything Developed From And Raised From Heaven And Earth Is In Its Proper Place Of Form Mind Boxing
  Christopher Newman      Abstract #163

Human interaction and nonlinear oscillators
  S. Hagberg      Abstract #245

A Coupled Oscillator Model for Emergent Cognitive Process
  Tetsuji Emura      Abstract    Paper #367

Towards More Generative Evaluation, Research and Assessment (ERA) in Education
  Rosemary Williams Wray      Abstract #641

Multistability of Coupled Neuronal Nets with Multiple Synapses
  Dong-Uk Hwang, Sang-Gui Lee, Seung Kee Han, Hyungtae Kook      Abstract #753

Science General Education As A Way to Attract More Students to Studying Complex Systems
  Len Troncale      Abstract #844

A generic scheme for choosing models and characterizations of complex systems
  Axel G. Rossberg      Abstract    Paper #71

Mathematical Aspects in Complexity of Biological,Neuro-Physiological and Psychological Systems
  Sorin Baiculescu, Sorin Baiculescu      Abstract    Paper #81

Emergence and Entities
  Russ Abbott      Abstract    Paper #303

Net surprisals ala Tribus: correlations from reversible thermalization
  P. Fraundorf      Abstract    Paper #392

Adaptive Metropolis Sampling with Product Distributions
  David H. Wolpert, Chiu Fan Lee      Abstract    Paper #421

Definining "nano" in terms of complexity
  Mark Avrum Gubrud      Abstract #569

On Simulated Time
  Gilbert G. Chen, Boleslaw K.Boleslaw K. Szymanski      Abstract #658

Dominant-scale analysis for automatic reduction of high-dimensional ODE systems
  Robert Clewley, Nancy Kopell      Abstract    Paper #237

Formating Complex Systems and Aspects of Cross-disciplinary Research
  Gerard S. LEMIRE      Abstract #302

Defining Emergent Descriptions by Information Preservation
  Daniel Polani      Abstract    Paper #402


   Chair: Charles Goodnight

Understanding Genetic Regulatory Networks: the ensemble approach
  Stuart Kauffman      

Immunological Evolution
  Alan Perelson      

Evolutionary systems
  Martin Nowak      

Experiments on the escape from extinction: Lessons from the common housefly.
  Lisa Marie Meffert      Abstract #294

Social Systems
   Chair: Christina Stoica

Change in the Form of Evolution: Transition from Primate to Hominid Forms of Social Organization
  Dwight Read      Abstract #702

The Role of Culture in the Emergence of Decision-Making Roles: An Example Using Cultural Algorithms
  Robert G. Reynolds, Bin Peng      Abstract #703

A Canonical Theory of Origins and Development of Social Complexity
  Claudio Cioffi-Revilla      Abstract #704

The emergence of social order by the communicative generation of social types
  Juergen Kluever      Abstract #706


Analysis Of Complex Networks Using Limited Information
  Rich Colbaugh, Kristin Glass, Mauro Trabatti, Geert Wenes      Abstract #413

On the Evolution of Structure in Ecological Networks
  Matt Labrum, Terry Soule, Aaron Blue, Stephen Krone      Abstract    Paper #398

Small Worlds - How and Why
  Nisha Mathias, Venkatesh Gopal      Abstract #358

Synchronization in complex networks
  Ying-Cheng Lai, Takashi Nishikawa, Adilson E. Motter, Frank C. Hoppensteadt      Abstract #393

Synchronization in complex network topologies
  Ljupco Kocarev      Abstract #259

Dynamical Motifs: Building Blocks of Complex Network Dynamics
  Valentin Zhigulin      Abstract #150

Modeling Network Motifs as Linear Dynamical Systems
  Robert Prill, Andre Levchenko      Abstract #412

Extreme Fluctuations in Small-Worlds with Relaxational Dynamics and Applications to Scalable Parallel Computing
  Gyorgy Korniss, Hasan Guclu      Abstract #624

Evolution and Ecology
   Chair: Guy Hoelzer

A new model for exploring emergent phenomena in spatially explicit ecology and evolution
  Guy Hoelzer, Lael Parrott      Abstract #397

The evolution of reproductive restraint through social communication
  Justin Werfel, Yaneer Bar-Yam      Abstract #252

Diversity is unevenly distributed within species
  Erik Rauch, Yaneer Bar-Yam      Abstract #436

Selection in Ecosystems
  Josh Mitteldorf, John W. Pepper      Abstract    Paper #216

Diversity dynamics in large complex biological networks
  Kei Tokita, Tsuyoshi Chawanya      Abstract #464

Quantification of Biocomplexity
  Madhur Anand      Abstract #467

The rate of evolution: Is anything understood?
  Daniel S. Fisher      Abstract #337

Systems Biology
   Chair: Len Troncale

Is Artificial "Systems" Research Possible?
  Len Troncale      Abstract #360

Cell Motility: How Cellular Machines Generate Precise Responses in a Complex Environment
  Benjamin J Dubin-Thaler, Hans-Gunther Dobereiner, Gregory Giannone, Michael P. Sheetz      Abstract    Paper #379

Mathematical modeling of planar cell polarity to understand domineering non-autonomy
  Keith Amonlirdviman, Narmada A. Khare, David R.P. Tree, Jeffrey D. Axelrod, Claire J. Tomlin      Abstract #386

The Basal Ganglia as a Complex system as it Relates to Normal Movement and Movement Disorders.
  Craig van Horne      Abstract #459

Random Evolution of Idiotypic Networks: Dynamics and Architecture
  Markus Brede, Ulrich Behn      Abstract    Paper #149

Network Dynamics for Systems Biology
  Eric Mjolsness      Abstract    Paper #396

Tunable Asynchrony in an Artificial Genome Model of a Genetic Regulatory Network
  Jennifer Hallinan      Abstract #228

Integrative Artificial Intelligence as a Key Ingredient of Systems Biology
  Ben Goertzel      Abstract    Paper #267

A FUNCTION-BASED Approach to Systems Biology
  Taesik Lee, Jeffrey D. Thomas, Nam P. Suh      Abstract    Paper #333

Assessing lethality in the genome-scale metabolic network of Escherichia coli
  Cheol-Min GHIM      Abstract #533

   Chair: William Sulis

Multiscale Coordination and Dynamical Similarity
  Abhijnan Rej      Abstract #197

Dominant-scale analysis for automatic reduction of high-dimensional ODE systems
  Robert Clewley, Nancy Kopell      Abstract    Paper #237

Information Flow in Synchronization
  Ned J. Corron, Shawn D. Pethel      Abstract    Paper #354

Statistical complexity of protein folding: application of computational mechanics to molecular dynamics
  Dmitry Nerukh, George Karvounis, Robert C. Glen      Abstract #105

Classification of Indian Songs in Context of Complexity Measure
  Pritha Das      Abstract #123

An analytical demonstration of adaptation to the edge of chaos
  Michael Baym, Alfred Hubler      Abstract #207

The Complexity of Graphs and Digraphs
  Steven H. Bertz, Christina M. Zamfirescu      Abstract    Paper #225

Possible Steps Toward a Theory of Organization
  Manoj Gambhir, Stephen Guerin, Stuart Kauffman, Daniel Kunkle      Abstract    Paper #370

An experimentation strategy directed by kinetic logic
  Claire Martinet-Edelist      Abstract #244

Social Systems II
   Chair: Jeff Cares

Educational Reform at the Edge of Chaos
  Irene Conrad      Abstract #166

Complexity and the Social Sciences
  Carlos E. Maldonado      Abstract #261

Modeling Complexity in Disaster Environments
  Louise K. Comfort, Kilkon Ko, Adam Zagorecki      Abstract #570

Knowing Terrorism as a Complex Adaptive System
  Nancy Hayden      Abstract #352

Agent-Based Simulation of the Demand for Islamist Terrorist Organizations
  Edward P. MacKerrow      Abstract #321

Complexity and Army Transformation
  Major Mark T. Calhoun      Abstract    Paper #129

Computing the Battle for Hearts and MInds: Lessons from the Vendee
  Roger Hurwitz      Abstract    Paper #416

Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation
   Chair: Joel MacAuslan

Morphological diversity and robustness of Turing structures
  Teemu Leppanen, Mikko Karttunen, Rafael A. Barrio, Kimmo Kaski      Abstract    Paper #174

A gradient model for proximo-distal differentiation in vertebrate limbs
  Marta Ibanes, Diego Rasskin-Gutman, Yasuhiko Kawakami, Ángel Raya, Juan Carlos Izpisúa-Belmonte      Abstract #380

Towards a Universal Language for Amorphous Computing
  Daniel Coore      Abstract    Paper #304

Pattern Formation from Emergent, Finite Amplitude Interactions: the Example of Sandy-Coastline Evolution
  A. Brad Murray, Andrew Ashton      Abstract #62

Socio-Dynamic Discrete Choice: Analytical Results for the Nested Logit Model
  Elenna Dugundji      Abstract #431

Self-organized plasma blobs as possible precursors of life
  E. Lozneanu, M. Sanduloviciu      Abstract #176

3D Substitution Model for Limb Growth and Pattern Formation
  Ying Zhang, James A. Glazier, Stuart A. Newman      Abstract #556

   Chair: Jeff Schank

MediaMetro / Museocracy / SonicMetro: A New Complex Systems Model for Arts Education
  Thea Luba      Abstract #127

Dynamics of Innate Spatial-Temporal Learning Process: Data Driven Education Results Identify Universal Barriers to Learning
  Wenjie Hu, Mark Bodner, Edward G. Jones, Matthew R. Peterson, Gordon L. Shaw      Abstract    Paper #318

Multiple Time-Scale Landscape Models of Motor Learning
  Gottfried Mayer-Kress, Yeou-Teh Liu, Karl Newell      Abstract #220

The Emergence of Language and Culture out of the Complexity of Hominid Existence
  Robert K. Logan      Abstract    Paper #37

How we might be able to understand the brain
  Brian D. Josephson      Abstract    Paper #112

A push-pull model of prefrontal cortex during a sequential discrimination task
  Christian Machens, Carlos Brody      Abstract #298

Global MRI Diagnostic Tools Via Statistical Complexity Measures
  Karl Young, John Kornak, Yue Chen, Andrew Maudsley, Norbert Schuff      Abstract #279

Emergent Mathematical Ideas from Complex Conceptual Systems
  Caroline Yoon, Richard Lesh      Abstract #650

Impacts of homo- and hetero- synaptic plasticities on neuronal networks
  Liqiang Zhu, Ying-Cheng Lai, Frank Hoppensteadt, Jiping He      Abstract #613

Evolution and Ecology II

How Communities Evolve
  Manuel Mendoza-Garcia      Abstract    Paper #278

Self-Protection and Diversity in Self-Replicating Cellular Automata
  Hiroki Sayama      Abstract #136

Autopoietic learning-neural network-like bio-machinogenesis via semeiogenesis: A unified theory on the cognitive genesis and evolution of biosystems
  Koji Ohnishi, Yuka Ishimoto, Naotaka Furuichi, Masaki Goda      Abstract #390

Holling cycles in simulations of complex food webs
  Axel G. Rossberg, Takashi Amemiya, Kiminori Itoh      Abstract #372

Emergent segregation and over-mixing from symmetric movement rules
  John W. Pepper, Michael Lachmann Tamarlin, Eric Smith      Abstract #241

Speciation through Bifurcation
  William Silvert      Abstract #125

Mathematical And Experimental Modeling Of Biological Evolution By The Example Of Recombinant Bacteria At Continuous Cultivation
  Anatoly Brilkov, Ivan Loginov, Elena Morozova, Alexey Plotnikov      Abstract #324

Complexity Measures for Ecological Assemblages
  Jyoti Champanerkar, Denis Blackmore, Michael Levandowsky      Abstract    Paper #357

Indirect Reciprocity and the Evolution of Morals
  Hannelore Brandt, Karl Sigmund      Abstract #532


Social Systems
   Chair: Miriam Heller

Tracking global sushi
  Theodore Bestor      

Complexity of global systems
  Thomas Homer-Dixon      

Diversity: Aggregation or Perspectives and Heuristics
  Scott E Page      Abstract #809

Strategic Interaction Approach: Complex Systems and Undoing Cult Mind Control
  Steven Alan Hassan      Abstract #46

Special Session

Scale Free Networks of Earthquakes and Aftershocks
  Maya Paczuski, Marco Baiesi      Abstract #804

An Integrated Methodology to Facilitate The Emergence of New Ways of Organising
  Eve Mitleton-Kelly      Abstract    Paper #659

   Chair: Helen Harte

Organizational Culture from a Complex Dynamic Systems Perspective: Moving from Metaphor to Action in Healthcare
  Frank Funderburk      Abstract    Paper #183

Modeling Safety Outcomes on Patient Care Units
  Anita Patil, Judith Effken, Kathleen M. Carley, Ju-Sung Lee      Abstract    Paper #200

Complex Medical Information Systems: A Social Context
  Salil H. Patel      Abstract    Paper #116

   Chair: Lisa Marie Meffert

Experiments on the escape from extinction: Lessons from the common housefly.
  Lisa Marie Meffert      Abstract #294

Complex Systems Dynamics and the Emergence of Life and Natural Selection
  Bruce Weber      Abstract #723

Minimal conditions for natural selection
  Terrence W. Deacon      Abstract #814

Systems Biology
   Chair: Sui Huang

Systematic Interactome Mapping And Genetic Perturbation Analysis Of A C. Elegans Tgf-beta Signaling Network
  Muneesh Tewari, Patrick Hu, Jin-Sook Ahn, Nono Ayivi-Guedehoussou, Pierre-Olivier Vidalain      Abstract #453

Peptide Binding Landscapes
  Johannes Schuchhardt, Liying Dong, Achim Kramer, Jens Schneider-Mergener, Hanspeter Herzel (3)      Abstract #399

Complexity and Allometry
  William Silvert      Abstract #323

Where the earth meets the sky: understanding cis-regulatory evolution through genomics
  Cristian I. Castillo-Davis, Jun S. Liu, Shane Jensen      Abstract #535

Evolution of Gene Regulatory Networks: Growth and Dynamics
  Pauli Ramo, Juha Kesseli, OIli Yli-Harja      Abstract    Paper #578

Games Systems Play
  Vadim Kvitash      Abstract #572

Information-theoretic measures of biological network modularity
  Chris Wiggins, Etay Ziv, Manuel Middendorf      Abstract #403

Transcription Factor Binding Sites Prediction based on Sequence Similarity
  Jeong Seop Sim, Myung Eun Lim, Myung Geun Chung, Soo-Jun Park, Sun Hee Park      Abstract    Paper #606

Clothing Earth with Mind
  Jose Wagner Garcia, Jorge de Barros Pires, Jorge Vieira, Lauro F. B. da Silveira, Fernando Pellon de Miranda      Abstract #526

Sensitivity Analysis of Optimal Production of Biomass in Metabolic Networks
  Hao Xiong      Abstract    Paper #596

Generalized Circuit Analysis of Biological Networks
  Momiao Xiong, Jonathan Arnold      Abstract    Paper #603

Social Systems II

Estimation of the Functions Describing Transition Potentials of Land Use at Cells Applied to Cellular Automata Based Models of Land Use
  Takeshi Arai, Hiroyuki Masuda, Noriaki Anzai, Masahiro Kato      Abstract #172

Strategy emergence.A journey through modernism, postmodernism, complexity and nonmodernism
  Santa La Rocca      Abstract    Paper #292

The Nash Equilibrium Revisited: Chaos and Complexity Hidden in Simplicity
  Philip Vos Fellman      Abstract    Paper #313

An Artificial Neural Network for Simulating the Complex Dynamics of Financial Assets Prices
  Serge Hayward      Abstract    Paper #424

Modeling spatial economics with an agent-based approach
  Bill Macmillan, He Qing Huang      Abstract #429

Job Sex Segregation As A Complex System: Exploring a Simulation Approach
  Brian Rubineau, Roberto Fernandez      Abstract #98

Engineering Systems
   Chair: Fred Discenzo

Dynamic Reconfiguration of Complex Systems to Avoid Failure
  Fred M. Discenzo, Francisco P. Maturana, Pavel Tichý, Petr Šlechta, Jan Bezdicek      Abstract    Paper #202

Cartography application for autonomous sensory agents
  Sarjoun Doumit, Ali Minai      Abstract    Paper #419

A fictitious play approach to large-scale complex systems optimization
  Marina A. Epelman, Robert L. Smith, Theodore J. Lambert      Abstract #182

Architecting Systems Under Uncertainty with Object-Process Networks
  Benjamin Koo, Annie-Pierre Hurd, David Loda, Dov Dori, Edward F. Crawley      Abstract    Paper #353

Effect Sparsity, Heirarchy, and Inheritance: How System Structure Affects Robust Design of Engineering Systems
  Daniel D. Frey, Xiang Li, Jagmeet Singh      Abstract #189

Understanding the Complexity of Design
  Jonathan R. A. Maier, Georges M. Fadel      Abstract    Paper #305

Separation Of Real World Mixed Acoustic Signals By Using Frequency Domain Approach
  Pelin Guven, Emin Germen      Abstract #645

Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation
   Chair: Dan Coore

Polyhedral Pattern Formation
  Bharat Khushalani      Abstract    Paper #85

Design and robustness of delayed feedback controllers for discrete systems
  Ilan Harrington, Socolar Joshua E. S.      Abstract #222

Complex Nonlinear stochastic dynamics of precision grinding operations: Implications for health monitoring and control
  Satish T.S. Bukkapatnam      Abstract    Paper #238

Chaotic Dynamics of Cellular Learning Automata
  Reza Rastegar, Mohammad Reza Meybodi      Abstract #82

Directional grow in chemical and biological pattern formation systems
  David Gomez Miguez, Milos Dolnik, Alberto Pérez Muñuzuri      Abstract #346

Self-reproduction by glider collisions
  Andrew Wuensche      Abstract #754

Multiscale entropy analysis of complex physiologic time series: Information loss with aging and disease
  Madalena Damasio Costa, Ary L Goldberger, C-K Peng      Abstract #795

Evolution and Ecology

Quantum Spin Systems as Models for Biological Evolution
  Chin-Kun Hu, David Saakian      Abstract #365

A Multi Agent Based Approach to the Multi-Predator Multi-Prey Pursuit Domain
  Javier A. Alcazar, Ephrahim Garcia      Abstract    Paper #168

Coupling sexual reproduction and complex multicellularity
  Margareta Segerstahl      Abstract    Paper #199

Mathematical Models for Explaining the Emergence of Specialization in Performing Tasks
  Daniel Solow, Joe Szmerekovsky      Abstract    Paper #288

Long-range interactions and evolutionary stability in predator-prey systems
  Erik Rauch      Abstract #435

Physical Systems
   Chair: Ying-Cheng Lai

Escape from Metastable States in a Nonequilibrium Environment
  Pablo I. Hurtado, Joaquin Marro, Pedro L. Garrido      Abstract    Paper #348

Chaos as a Bridge between Dewterminism and Probability in Quantum Mechanics
  Wm. C. McHarris      Abstract    Paper #332

Efficient reduction of complexity and non ergodicity due to dissipation: the case of a single ball in a vibrating box
  Pierre Evesque, Garrabos Yves, D. Beysens, F. Palencia      Abstract    Paper #310

Universality classes of complexity
  David Saakian      Abstract    Paper #73

Information flow through a chaotic channel : prediction and postdiction at finite resolution
  Richard Metzler, Yaneer Bar-Yam, Mehran Kardar      Abstract #808

Banquet Session

Cloning Dolly
  Keith Campbell      


Engineering and Innovation
   Chair: Eric Bonabeau

Engineering & Innovation
  Eric Bonabeau      

Engineering complex systems
  Jerry Sussman      

Complexity in the engineering of the Air and Space Operations Centers: Enterprise Engineering
  Douglas O. Norman      Abstract    Paper #251

VALIS or VANISH... (a survivor's guide to computational and systems biology?)
  Bud Mishra      Abstract #779

Design rules
  Carliss Baldwin      

   Chair: David Wolpert

  David H. Wolpert      Abstract #789

Experimental tests of product distribution theory
  David H. Wolpert, William Macready      Abstract    Paper #227

Network Engineering and Evolution Management: theory and practice
  Neil F. Johnson, Sehyo C. Choe, Sean Gourley, David Smith, Pak Ming Hui      Abstract #737

Multiagent Repeated Games and Convergence to Nash Equilibria
  Gurdal Arslan, Jeff S. Shamma      Abstract #521

Collectives, Optimization, and Distributed Design
  Ilan Kroo      Abstract #543

Using Product Distributions for Distributed Optimization
  Stefan Bieniawski, David H. Wolpert      Abstract    Paper #361

Engineering Systems
   Chair: Marlene Williamson

The Role of Design in the Internet and Other Complex Engineering Systems
  David Alderson, Lun Li, Walter Willinger, John Doyle      Abstract #338

Dynamic Reconfiguration of Complex Systems to Avoid Failure
  Fred M. Discenzo, Francisco P. Maturana, Pavel Tichý, Petr Šlechta, Jan Bezdicek      Abstract    Paper #202

Design, development, management and social organization of new very large scientific plants. The case study of the GMT (Giant Modular Telescope)
  Dario Mancini      Abstract #235

Protocol Requirements for Self-organizing Artifacts: Towards an Ambient Intelligence
  Carlos Gershenson, Francis Heylighen      Abstract    Paper #88

Fundamental Long-Term Stability Conditions for Design of Complex Systems: Equilibrium and Functional Periodicity
  Nam P. Suh      Abstract    Paper #334

The Ecological Ideal Free Distribution and Resource Allocation in Distributed Computing and Control: Theory and Cross-Fertilization for Applications
  Jorge Finke, Kevin M. Passino      Abstract    Paper #406

Networks and Systems Biology

Mapping biology onto computation: modelling and analysis of artificial genetic regulatory networks
  Janet Wiles      Abstract #239

Extraction and Semi-metric Analysis of Social and Biological Networks
  L. M. Rocha      Abstract #154

Systematic identification of statistically significant network measures
  Etay Ziv, Robin Koytcheff, Manuel Middendorf, Chris Wiggins      Abstract #401

Optimization of Specificity in a Cellular Protein Interaction Network by Negative Selection
  Ali Zarrinpar, Sang-Hyun Park, Wendell A. Lim      Abstract #169

Simulation of random walks and reaction-diffusion processes on scale-free networks
  Lazaros Gallos, Panos Argyrakis      Abstract    Paper #763

Constructing Scale-Free Networks by a Matrix Stability Criterium
  Markus Brede, John Finnigan      Abstract    Paper #520

   Chair: Allan Robinson

Multiscale Physical Ocean Dynamical Processes
  Glenn Flierl      

Biological Patchiness in Interdisciplinary Ocean Dynamics
  Brian Rothschild      

Climate Processes and Ocean Event Dynamics
  James McCarthy      

Systems Oceanography: Ocean Observing and Prediction Systems
  James Bellingham      

ITR-Based Data Driven Systems for Ocean Science
  Pierre Lermusiaux, Constantinos Evangelinos      

The End-to-End Sonar System (Physical-Meteorological-Ocean Acoustics-Geoacoustics) for Naval Operations
  Ira Dyer      

Social Systems
   Chair: Juergen Kluever

The emergence of social order by the communicative generation of social types
  Juergen Kluever      Abstract #706

Adaptation and Coevolution on an Emergent Global Competitive Landscape
  Philip V. Fellman, Jonathan Vos Post, Roxana Wright, Usha Dasarari      Abstract    Paper #301

Group Allegiance & Issue Salience in Factional Competition
  Matt Grossmann, David Scherzer      Abstract #420

Bank-mergers as scale-free coagulation
  Dmitri Pushkin, Hassan Aref      Abstract #209

Power-Law Size Distribution in an Externality-Driven Model of City Systems
  Yuri Mansury      Abstract #460

Regional Innovation Systems and Complex Systems Theory: Towards a Common Agenda
  Mercedes Bleda-Maza de Lizana, Elvira Uyarra      Abstract #201

Complementarity, frustration and complex organizations. A constraint satisfaction network model.
  Francesca Gino, Massimo Warglien      Abstract #155

A Model of Biological Attacks on a Realistic Population
  Kathleen M. Carley, Douglas Fridsma, Elizabeth Casman, Alex Yahja, Li-Chiou Chen      Abstract    Paper #369

Self-organizing Social Networks: Issues with Hierarchy, Power Dynamics in Decision Making
  Urooj Q. Amjad      Abstract #651

Systems Biology
   Chair: Chris Wiggins

Information-theoretic measures of biological network modularity
  Chris Wiggins, Etay Ziv, Manuel Middendorf      Abstract #403

Biological information networks of genetic loci and the scientific literature
  J.R. Semeiks, L.R. Grate, I.S. Mian      Abstract    Paper #224

Bifurcation Analysis Of Regulatory Modules In Cell Biology
  Maciej Swat, Swat, Wojciech, Kel, Alexander, Herzel, Hanspeter      Abstract    Paper #394

An ordinary differential equation model for the multistep transformation to cancer
  Sabrina L. Spencer, Matthew J. Berryman, Jose A.Garcia, Derek Abbott      Abstract #58

The Evolution of Controllability in Enzyme System Dynamics
  Jonathan Vos Post      Abstract    Paper #213

Multiscale Analysis of Protein Sequence Data
  Jesus Pando, Sean e. Shaheen      Abstract #229

Modeling pleitropic genetic systems: Relating bone density and body size to genes
  Renhua Li, Shirng-Wern Tsaih, Wesley G Beamer, Cheryl Ackert-Bicknell, Gary A Churchill      Abstract #345

   Chair: Markus Brede

Constructing Scale-Free Networks by a Matrix Stability Criterium
  Markus Brede, John Finnigan      Abstract    Paper #520

Small n Evolving Structures: Dyadic Interaction between Intimates
  William A. Griffin, Shana Schmidt      Abstract    Paper #373

A Multi-Modeling Approach to the Study of Animal Behavior
  Jeffrey Schank, Sanjay S. Joshi      Abstract    Paper #206

Modeling Complex Foraging Behavior
  Michael E. Roberts, Robert L. Goldstone      Abstract #439

Social Foraging Theory for Multiagent Decision-Making System Design
  Burton W. Andrews, Kevin M. Passino, Thomas A. Waite      Abstract    Paper #382

Navigating through Network Structures in Strategic Decision Space
  Felix Reed-Tsochas      Abstract #414

Security Agents and Network Immunology
  Robert Ghanea-Hercock      Abstract #56

Engineering Systems II
   Chair: Mike Kuras

Challenges and Complexity of Aerodynamic Wing Design
  Kasidit Leoviriyakit, Antony Jameson      Abstract    Paper #787

Trust as an Interaction Mechanism for Self-Organising Engineered Systems.
  Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo      Abstract    Paper #67

Handling Resource Oscillations Through Selective Misinformation
  Mark Klein, Richard Metzler, Yaneer Bar-Yam      Abstract    Paper #158

Modeling Share Dynamics by Extracting Competition Structure
  Masahiro Kimura, Kazumi Saito, Naonori Ueda      Abstract    Paper #135

Effective Information Sharing based on Mass User Support for Reduction of Traffic Congestion
  Tomohisa Yamashita, Koichi Kurumatani, Kiyoshi Izumi      Abstract    Paper #190

Understanding and Managing Design as a Chaotic Process
  David L. Grose      Abstract #230

Whisperers and Shouters: Random Wireless Sensor Networks with Asymmetric Two-Tier Connectivity
  Nagendra Marupaka, Ali A. Minai      Abstract    Paper #410

Coordination in Large Collectives
  Kagan Tumer      Abstract    Paper #438

Social Systems II
   Chair: Irene Conrad

Patterns of Negotiation - A new way of looking at marketplace B2B Negotiations
  Suresh Sood, Hugh Pattinson      Abstract    Paper #91

An evolutionary systems view of civilizational sustainability
  John A. Broadbent      Abstract    Paper #99

Modeling Social Structure as Network Effects: Computational Evidence That Rewarding Learning Improves Performance
  James K. Hazy, Brian F. Tivnan, David R. Schwandt      Abstract    Paper #362

An Exploration into the Uses of Agent-Based Modeling in Innovation/New Product Development Research
  Rosanna Garcia      Abstract    Paper #204

Explaining economic and social phenomenon: models with low cognition, interacting agents
  Rich Colbaugh, Paul Ormerod      Abstract    Paper #126

Security as Property of Complex Social Systems
  Czeslaw Mesjasz      Abstract #218

Using Systems Thinking to Facilitate Organizational Change
  David Peter Stroh, David Peter Stroh      Abstract    Paper #487

Individuals and Institutions in Strategic Network Formation
  C. Jason Woodard      Abstract #630

Competition between vehicle propulsion technologies: critical thresholds for sustained adoption
  Jeroen Struben      Abstract #437

Permeable Boundaries in Organizational Learning: Computational Modeling Explorations
  James K. Hazy, Brian F. Tivnan, David R.Schwandt      Abstract    Paper #363

The sociological theory of Crozier and Friedberg on organized action seen through a simulation model
  Camilo Olaya, Michael Ruess      Abstract    Paper #769


Systems Biology
   Chair: Tom Knight

Systems Biology
  Don Ingber      

Global discovery of conserved genetic modules
  Josh Stuart, Eran Segal, Daphne Koller, Stuart Kim      Abstract #130

Cellular signaling and communication
  Andre Levchenko      

E. coli, a swimming system
  Howard Berg      Abstract #688

Schizophrenia: A Complex and Multifactorial Disease
  Cassandra L. Smith, Giang Nguyen, Hamid Mostafavi Abdolmaleky, Mark Schultz      Abstract #740

Noise and information in biological systems
  Philippe Cluzel      

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