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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2004)
**ICCS2004 is over.**
For information about the upcoming ICCS2006 (June 25-30, 2006), please click here.

Host: New England Complex Systems Institute
Conference Chairman: Yaneer Bar-Yam

Location and Dates

Marriott Boston Quincy, Boston, MA, USA
May 16-21, 2004
Conference Aims This conference has two major aims: first, to investigate those properties or characteristics that appear to be common to the very different complex systems now under study; and second, to encourage cross fertilization among the many disciplines involved.
Special Conference Themes
  • Systems biology
  • Networks & Structural Themes
  • Socio-economic systems
  • Engineering systems
  • Evolution and Ecology / Population change
  • Nonlinear dynamics and Pattern formation
  • Physical systems, Quantum and Classical
  • Learning / Neural, Psychological and Psycho-Social Systems
  • Concepts, Formalisms, Methods and Tools
Abstracts in other areas of complex systems research are welcome. Proposals for special symposia should be sent to abstracts@necsi.org.

Important Dates

Early Registration by:  March 1, 2004
Registration by: To be announced
Paper submission by: April 30, 2004
Conference: May 16-21, 2004

Important Information

Information for ICCS participants
ICCS2004 Conference Program
ICCS2004 Abstract Book
List of submitted abstracts to date
Abstract submission to present a paper Abstracts may still be submitted and will be added to sessions as space allows.
Application to attend without presenting a paper
Subject areas
Special topical sessions
Conference fees
Paper formatting guidelines
Partial Support Provided By:
  • National Science Foundation
  • National Institutes for General Medical Sciences, NIH

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