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FEATURES OF EQUILIBRIUM THERMODYNAMICS COMPLEX SYSTEMS WITH CHAOS OF CHEMICAL CONSTITUTIONS AND ALLOCATION OF ORGANIC MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE M. Yu. Dolomatov The Technological Institute of Service 145, Chernyshevsky Str, Ufa, 450014, Russia ; e-mail In the nature and the technologies exist systems of matters with chaos of Chemical compound or, stochastic, multicomponent systems (MSS). Such systems create components of interstellar molecular clouds, matters of biogeochemical systems, for example, humic components of soils, natural hydrocarbon systems (oil, gas condensates, solid fuel), products of their processing, natural and artificial resins, polymer blend etc. Feature MSS is the capability of existence in an elementary volume of matter of the greater number of components of the different nature from simple moleculas up to of high molecular weight substans. I select in insulated MSS a statistical ensemble from infinite number of components - N, each component is characterized by a defined value of a thermodynamic potential or property. Is identifiable probability of existence in such system of group from M of components with a definite thermodynamic potential or property distinguished from mean property of a system. Such probability (W) is determined by binomial distribution: (1) At p ≈ 1-1/z - probabilities of chemical difference z of microcondition of components in an insulated system; At z = ∞ systems is constructed from completely miscellaneous components p=1). At z = 1 p = 0 systems consist of one component, but such situation is impossible, as, аccording to the second law of a thermodynamics variety of condition. At p → 0 we have a system with Poisson character of distribution of the thermodynamic characteristics (pure matters). In representative cases MSS the probabilities, 0 < p < 1 (hydrocarbon, biogeochemical systems) will be realized. Then from (1) the Gaussian distribution of an chemical constitutions on thermodynamic potentials and properties of components follows. A corollary of gaussian distribution of an chemical constitutions on free energies of derivation is the similar distribution on standard boiling temperatures, heats of phase changes (PC), molecular weights, relaxation times and etc . It is distributions means, self-reproduction, metastability and contingency of components MSS in a unified statistical power system. For MSS are characteristic a blurring both spatial and temporary interception PC, when one of transitions was not finished, and other already of beginnings, and the distribution of correlation radiuses (R) and order parameters (η) PC follows the laws exp (-R -6) and exp (-η -6) accordingly. If each component MSS with a defined value of the thermodynamic characteristics to defines an own eigen states insulated systems ,then under the second law of a thermodynamics the number of such states is increased. Means in the nature there is a special macroscopic entropy, which one plays a role during formation of chemical variety and development of matter. I had been investigated resources of organic substance in seen area of the universe. It is established, that the probability of occurrence of complex substances such as DNA in a seen part of the universe is close to 0. But stocks of amino acids and the nucleinic bases are very great and make 1010 -1015 weights of the sun. The literature: 1.Dolomatov M.Ju Chemical physics of multicomponent organic systems. Ufa, , 2000.