ICCS2004 Application Submission/Review

Abstract for
"MediaMetro / Museocracy / SonicMetro: A New Complex Systems Model for Arts Education"

MediaMetro.org, Museocracy.org and SonicMetro.org provide fertile complex systems research environments and populations. MediaMetro Society is made up of constituents from the Educational, Scientific, Artistic, and Business communities. Its mission is to build our new complex systems model of arts education:SonicMetro. The mission of SonicMetro is to involve our young people in a peaceful, cooperative, egalitarian complex learning environment. Using the technology and interactivity of video games, SonicMetro is created moment by moment by vibrant, life-affirming musicians, dancers, artists, photographers, writers etc. who believe that their positive energy has the power to create a new model of arts education. The MediaMetro Society will determine the governing principles and practices of SonicMetro during an online Constitutional Convention at Museocracy.org. This presentation will include 1. The Complexity of our Constituency 2.Our relationship with Small Learning Communities (Small High School Initiatives) 3. The Complexity of SonicMetro Technology 4. The Complexity of Curriculum Development 5.The Complexity of Assessment and Accountability 6.The Complexity of Strategic Alliances 7. SonicMetro as an Economic Empowerment Zone MediaMetroans use online interconnectivity for sharing ideas from different disciplines, perspectives and approaches to arts education. Using the tools of complex systems analysis, MediaMetro, Museocracy and SonicMetro can help us understand the potential impact on the educational system of new technologies and efforts at systemic reform.