ICCS2004 Application Submission/Review

Abstract for
"Educational Reform at the Edge of Chaos"

Educational Reform at the Edge of Chaos Abstract The theoretical foundation that inspires educational theory, that in turn forms the systems structure of institutions of learning, is based on a linear structural model. The aim of this study is to explore the fallacies and inconsistencies in the resultant application of this “existing” linear education systems model and to further explore the framework of a hybrid complex adaptive systems theory model for education that would replace the current theoretical foundation. It is the purpose of this study, through constructive theorizing, and a retroductive and abductive research strategy, to establish complexity theory and complex adaptive systems as a coherent, valid, and verifiable systems’ framework that accurately aligns the education system with its goal as a student-centered complex adaptive system. The study is designed to provide educational practioners with a two-fold apparatus: 1st a concrete comparison between the existing “linear” structural, organizational models as a foundation for design and implementation of education vs. complex adaptive systems models for education systems design and implementation and 2nd a comprehensive theory that replaces the current and explains and enables learning for the 21st century. Previous research has not examined the possible implications for future school systems design as viewed through the adaptive complex systems model. The purpose of this study is to present: 1) the implications and validation from educational stakeholders through future scenarios, 2) as result of #1, identify implication in school structure design 3) draft a framework for implementation, and 4) implement a pilot.