ICCS2004 Application Submission/Review

Abstract for
"Tunable Asynchrony in an Artificial Genome Model of a Genetic Regulatory Network"

Boolean models of genetic regulatory networks (GRNs) have been shown to exhibit many of the characteristic dynamics of real GRNs, with gene expression patterns settling to point attractors or limit cycles, or displaying chaotic behaviour, depending upon the connectivity of the network and the relative proportions of excitatory and inhibitory interactions. This range of behaviours is only apparent, however, when the nodes of the GRN are updated synchronously, a biologically implausible state of affairs. In this paper we demonstrate that evolution can produce GRNs with interesting dynamics under an asynchronous update scheme. We use an Artificial Genome to generate networks which exhibit limit cycle dynamics when updated synchronously, and describe the effect of implementing a parameterized form of asynchronous updating upon the dynamics of the network.