ICCS2004 Application Submission/Review

Abstract for
"The emergence of social order by the communicative generation of social types"

According to the classical study of Berger and Luckmann "The social construction of reality" social interactions are determined by the mutual construction of "types", i.e., classification of the respective other by applying social and personal categories. In the lecture I shall argue that these classifications can be modeled as the construction of certain vectors that consist of several components of social categories and other components of personal categories. The number of social categories is determined by the general structuration of society. The forming of such vector leads – in the actor – to certain rules of actions. Such rules are tested and stabilized in the process of communicative interactions. The respective importance of social and personal categories depends on the general structure of the society and vice versa, i.e., the structure of a certain society is the result of the particular vectors with different importance with respect to the social and the personal categories. The emergence of certain forms of social order by this communicative process is modeled and analyzed with a computational model. It can be shown that different relations between social and personal categories lead to significantly different forms of social structure.