HumanCurrent at ICCS 2018

The HumanCurrent is the official podcast of ICCS 2018.

ICCS 2018

An Interview With Yaneer Bar-Yam

From Venezuela to a Science of Collapse

An interview with Ricardo Hausmann

A Complex Systems Approach To Countering Mind Control

An Interview With Steven Hassan

Answering Hard Questions

An Interview With Ryan Singer

Macroeconomics & Financial Crises

An Interview With Carmen Reinhart

Applied Mathematics & The Evolution Of Music

An Interview With Natalia Komarova

School Reform With Complexity Theory

An Interview With Patrick McQuillan

Mitigating Risk In Biotechnology

An Interview With George Church

Cheers To 100 Episodes & ICCS

With Interviews From Dr. Emma Towlson & Richard Cooper, Ph.D.

A Journey Of Computational Complexity

An Interview With Stephen Wolfram

Probability & Adaptation

An Interview With Gad Saad & Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Evolutionary Theory & Behavioral Science

An Interview With Gad Saad

Systems-Based Precision Medicine

An Interview With Dr. Daniel Stickler

Modeling & Forecasting Infectious Diseases

An Interview With Irene Bosch & Elena Naumova

Networks & Interdisciplinary Research

An Interview With Jose Mateos

Stories From Network Science PhDs

Interviews With Brennan Klein & Sarah Shugars

An Exploration Of Social Minds

An Interview With Professor Simon DeDeo

The Social Pursuit Of Order

An Interview With Loren Demerath

A Holistic Perspective Of Evolution

An Interview With Josh Mitteldorf

Stories & Insights From The Complexity Community

Interviews With Javier Borondo, Rosa Benito, Victor Dossetti, And Roozbeh Daneshvar



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