Reception - Sunday, July 22nd, 4:30-7:00 PM

At the end of the first full day of the conference, we will be hosting a formal welcome reception celebrating ICCS, followed by the special Reception Session.

We are pleased to confirm Stephen Wolfram will be the featured presenter at the Reception Session. Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language; the author of A New Kind of Science; and the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. He has been a pioneer in the development and application of computational thinking, and has been responsible for many discoveries, inventions and innovations in science, technology and business. In May 2009, he released Wolfram|Alpha which has been widely regarded as a historic step in defining a new dimension for computation and artificial intelligence—and is now relied on by millions of people every day to compute answers both directly and through intelligent assistants such as Siri.

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