First Day - Energized

The First Day initiative sprouted from a deep desire to catalyze behavior change, as outlined in the original scientific paper authored by Prof. Bar-Yam’s on First Day Celebrations.

Now, First Day has attracted the interest of well regarded health organizations, city governments, NGOs, private businesses and academic institutions.

In a few months, First Day has the potential to become the first ever decentralized, open, collective health initiative designed to activate natural social mechanisms that support making and achieving personal, community and global health resolutions.

To be a part of this event, come and share your interest on April 22nd at 4 pm at NECSI (210 Broadway in Cambridge, MA). You might be: a student of health or society, a complexity science enthusiast who cares about health improvement, an organization who wants to be part of the First Day, a community leader who already inspires change, a healthcare professional looking to make a wider impact or the author of a personal story from which we can all learn. 

What will happen during the Salon?

  • We will map out existing participants’ skills and knowledge
  • We will identify 2 or 3 challenges or opportunities for First Day tailored to those skill and knowledge sets
  • You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer, participate, lead or simply chime in with the group

This marks the day when we reach out to as many people as possible, and we joyously invite you to help us make First Day happen.

Wednesday, April 22

4:00 to 6:00 PM

210 Broadway, Cambridge

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