Show and Tell

We often become so preoccupied with the minutiae of our work, that we forget how important outside feedback can be to nudge things in a surprising new direction. Whether you’d like to get some input on your work or simply make room for serendipity, we’d like to welcome you to our Complexity Salon focused on personal projects. Under the assumption of non-disclosure, we are creating a space where exploration of ideas, creative associations, (un)critical feedback and collaboration is possible. By joining this Salon you will mingle and chat with complex systems researchers, civic, healthcare and education innovators, distributed organizations activists, and science-driven trouble takers (meaning those who take the trouble to solve complex problems).

Location: NECSI, 210 Broadway, Cambridge

Time: June 24th, 4 - 6 pm

Pizza and drinks on our tab.

Future Complexity Salons will be focused on distributed networks of innovation and homelessness. Would you like to recommend a speaker? Tweet us your suggestions.



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