Richard N. Cooper

Professor Richard N. Cooper is Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics at Harvard University and has held this position since 1981.

Previously, he has been

  • Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (1995-97)
  • Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (1990-1992)
  • Under-Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (1977-81) and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Monetary Affairs (1965-66) for the U.S. Department of State
  • Provost (1972-74), Frank Altschul Professor of International Economics (1966-77), and assistant professor (1963-65) at Yale University
  • Senior staff economist on the Council of Economic Advisers (1961-63)

Honors and professional activities include

  • Director and Chairman
    • Advisory Committee, Institute for International Economics
  • Director
    • Circuit City Stores
    • Phoenix Companies
    • Center for Naval Analysis
  • Member
    • Trilateral Commission
    • Council on Foreign Relations
    • Aspen Strategy Group
    • Executive Panel, Chief of Naval Operations, U.S. Navy
    • Brookings Panel on Economic Activity
  • Book reviewer for Foreign Affairs
  • Former director
    • Oberlin College
    • Warburg-Pincus Funds
    • Overseas Development Council
    • Rockefeller Brothers Fund
    • German Marshall Fund
    • World Peace Foundation
    • J. Henry Schroder Bank and Trust Co.
    • Panama Canal Company
    • Centre for European Policy Studies
    • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Former member
    • National Research Council Panels
      • on Technology Transfer
      • on Public Policy toward Global Warming
      • on Foreign Trade Statistics
      • on Government Assistance to Civilian Technology
    • Advisory Committee of the Committee for Economic Development
    • Economic Policy Committee of the United Nations Association
  • Former associate editor
    • Journal of International Economics
    • Journal of Conflict Resolution
    • Foreign Policy
  • Former consultant to
    • Council of Economic Advisers
    • National Security Council
    • U.S. State Department
    • U.S. Treasury Dept.
    • United Nations
    • World Bank

Awards include

  • Foreign Affairs Award, U.S. State Department, 1981
  • National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, 1996

Prof. Cooper has written extensively on international economic policy. Selected publications include

  • The Economics of Interdependence, Columbia University Press, 1968
  • A Re-ordered World (editor and contributor), 1973
  • Economic Policy in an Interdependent World, 1986
  • The International Monetary System, 1987
  • Can Nations Agree? (co-author), 1989
  • Economic Stabilization and Debt in Developing Countries, 1992
  • Boom, Crisis and Adjustment: the Macroeconomic Experience of Developing Countries (co-author), 1993
  • Environment and Resource Policies for the World Economy, 1994
  • Macroeconomic Policy and Adjustment in Korea, 1970-1990 (editor and contributor), 1994
  • Trade Growth in Transition Economies (co-editor and contributor), 1997
  • What the Future Holds (co-editor and contributor), 2002
  • "The Balance of Payments in Review," Journal of Political Economy, 1966
  • "Uncertainty and Diversification in International Trade" (with W. C. Brainard), Stanford Studies in Agricultural Economics, Trade, and Development, 1968
  • "Macroeconomic Policy Adjustment in Interdependent Economies," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1969
  • "Prolegomena to the Choice of an International Monetary System," International Organization, 1975
  • "A New International Economic Order for Mutual Gain," Foreign Policy, 1977
  • "The Gold Standard: Historical Facts and Future Prospects," Brookings Papers in Economic Activity, 1982
  • "A Monetary System for the Future," Foreign Affairs, 1984
  • "Economic Interdependence and the Coordination of Economic Policies," R. Jones and P. Kenen (eds.), Handbook in International Economics, 1985
  • "Is Growth in Developing Countries Beneficial to Industrial Countries?" World Bank Conference on Development Economics, 1995
  • "Toward a Global Warming Treaty," Foreign Affairs, 1998
  • "Should Capital Controls Be Banished?" Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1999
  • "Growth and Inequality: the Role of Foreign Trade and Investment," World Bank Conference on Development Economics, 2001/2002
  • "International Approaches to Global Climate Change," World Bank Research Observer, 2000
  • "Toward a Common Currency?" International Finance, 2000
  • "A Chapter 11 for Countries?" Foreign Affairs, 2002
  • "A Half Century of Development," World Bank Conference on Development, 2005

as well as over three hundred articles.

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