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NECSI offers courses on working with chaos and complexity - in the global economy, in national markets, in business to business interactions and within the organization itself. Participants use new insights and concepts from the field of complex systems to discuss innovative ways to survive and thrive in today's new/old economy. NECSI also offers educational seminars for corporations. These include programs ranging from 1/2 day seminars to 1 week project-based programs. Specially tailored for corporate audiences, these interactive seminars cover both fundamental ideas and concrete applications.

“This is an excellent program that should be offered more often and to diverse audiences.”
- M. Peters, World Bank

NECSI corporate seminars and workshops

NECSI offers a variety of programs by it's renowned faculty in half-day, full-day, and multi-day formats. An on-site program allows you to save time and money while maximizing your learning experience. NECSI’s corporate workshops are specially tailored for corporate management audiences, and are designed to adapt to the specific goals of your organization. These interactive programs cover both fundamental ideas and practical applications. The NECSI workshops often culminate with projects of particular importance to the participating groups and are pursued beyond the time and framework of the workshop.

Complex systems insights and concepts can assist in facing many of the dynamic challenges of modern life. Fundamental concepts and methods of complex systems are widely applicable to a general understanding of complex systems behavior, as well as the detailed modeling and design of specific complex systems. Examples span social and economic systems; biological and physical systems; engineered and biomedical systems; including systems we are trying to build, design or influence. Applications involve operational aspects of complex organizations; the management of networks within organizations and their interaction with the environment, as well as, the introduction of changes, adaptation, evolution, and evaluation.

How you can benefit

  • Learn how to identify key success factors in rapid and early adaptation to changes in the business and political climate.
  • Know when to pursue and adapt to change and when to stay the course.
  • Gain insights and skills to make better decisions in uncertain situations.
  • Manage the use of new tools – including simulation and system modeling – to analyze and improve the behavior of complex organizations.
  • Learn how to facilitate growth and development despite uncertainty of future demands.

Some topics you will cover

  • Use of complex systems to discover how organizations and patterns of behavior arise.
  • Application of complexity models to your organization to maximize effectiveness.
  • Understanding the relationship between systems' structure and their functions.
  • Meeting complex challenges at different scales.
  • Development of appropriate applications to best suit your corporations management style and problem-solving needs.

Who should attend?

This seminar is aimed at key decision makers and those who advise them – executives, senior management, public administrators, management consultants, organizational development professionals and business educators. It can benefit the entire management staff of an organization by creating a unified picture of organization structure and problem-solving methods.

How Can I get NECSI to Come to My Business?

Contact NECSI at, and mention that you are interested in an on-site executive education seminar or workshop.



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