Complex Engineered Systems

Table of Contents

Preface xi
1 Complex Engineered Systems: A New Paradigm 1
Ali A. Minai, Dan Braha, and Yaneer Bar-Yam
2 Engineering Complex Systems: Multiscale Analysis and Evolutionary Engineering 22
Yaneer Bar-Yam
3 The Structure and Dynamics of Complex Product Design 40
Dan Braha and Yaneer Bar-Yam
4 On the Nature of Design 72
Sergi Valverde and Ricard V. Solé
5 Creation of desirable complexity: strategies for designing self-organized systems 101
Carl Anderson
6 Understanding the Complexity of Design 122
Jonathan R.A. Maier and Georges M. Fadel
7 Spiraling out of Control: Problem-Solving Dynamics in Complex Distributed Engineering Projects 141
Jürgen Mihm and Christoph H. Loch
8 The Dynamics of Collaborative Design: Insights From Complex Systems and Negotiation Research 158
Mark Klein, Hiroki Sayama, Peyman Faratin, and Yaneer Bar-Yam
9 Modularity in the Design of Complex Engineering Systems 175
Carliss Y. Baldwin and Kim B. Clark
10 Engineering Complex Systems 206
Douglas O. Norman and Michael L. Kuras
11 Negotiation algorithms for collaborative design settings 246
Mark Klein, Peyman Faratin, Hiroki Sayama, and Yaneer Bar-Yam
12 Information Theory - The Bridge Connecting Bounded Rational Game Theory and Statistical Physics 262
David H. Wolpert
13 Engineering Amorphous Systems, Using Global-to-Local Compilation 291
Radhika Nagpal
14 A machine learning method for improving task allocation in distributed multi-robot transportation 307
Torbjørn S. Dahl, Maja J. Matari? and Gaurav S. Sukhatme
15 Towards Pro-active Embodied Agents: On the Importance of Neural Mechanisms Suitable to Process Time Information 338
Guido de Croon, Stefano Nolfi, and Eric Postma
16 Autonomous Discovery and Functional Response to Topology Change in Self-Reconfigurable Robots 364
Behnam Salemi, Peter Will and Wei-Min Shen



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