NECSI studies the geography of ethnic violence, from Yemen to Switzerland.

Peace for Syria. Y. Bar-Yam (September 21, 2015).

Good fences: The importance of setting boundaries for peaceful coexistence. A. Rutherford, D. Harmon, J. Werfel, S. Bar-Yam, A.S. Gard-Murray, A. Gros, Y. Bar-Yam (May 21, 2014).

Swiss-ification: Syria's best hope for peace. Y. Bar-Yam, C. Friedman (September 4, 2013).

Conflict in Yemen: From ethnic fighting to food riots. A. Gros, A.S. Gard-Murray, Y. Bar-Yam (July 24, 2012).

Global pattern formation and ethnic/cultural violence. M. Lim, R. Metzler, and Y. Bar-Yam (September 14, 2007).

Global control, ethnic violence and terrorism, from Making Things Work. Y. Bar-Yam. Chapter 16. Knowledge Press, 2005. [PDF]

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